As a Foot Guards' Regiment in the Household Division, the Welsh Guards are proud to provide the guard for Her Majesty the Queen at her royal residences. Whilst on ceremonial duties the Battalion spends much of its time based in central London.

The Regiment is currently based in Elizabeth Barracks, Pirbright.


A Guardsman who has served with the Battalion for the last ten years will have been on tours to Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan, interspersed with firefighting, sport, adventurous training and exercises all over the world including Belize, Kenya and the Falkland Islands. In addition, they would have carried out state ceremonial and public duties, demonstrating the busy and incredibly varied nature of life as a Guardsman in the modern day British Army.

In February 2016, the Battalion re-roled to Light Mechanised Infantry and began utilising the Foxhound vehicle. With a period of learning about and training with the new vehicles which culminated in a battlegroup level exercise – Exercise WESSEX STORM - in early 2017.  The Welsh Guards deployed to Afghanistan on Op TORAL 6 in March 2018 (until November 2018) as the KPU (Kabul Protection Unit), responsible for providing advisor force protection, movement coordination of all coalition forces across the city, and incident response in Kabul where it affects coalition forces anywhere in the world.



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