Wonderfully demonstrating the Household Division motto "septem juncta in uno", Tim Scott, a Grenadier Guard now living in Wales is raising money for the Welsh Guards Charity and we cannot thank him enough for doing so. 

Please support Tim with sponsorship on his Just Giving page here.  


This is what Tim has to say about his fundraising:

I want to give back to the amazing community I am now living in. This event is called BKF bare knuckle fight, an event run by a fantastic team and held in Doncaster.  Originally planned to take place on 28th March 2020, it was cancelled due to Covid-19 and rescheduled to be held on 26th September 2020,.  Sadly once again the date has been shifted and it will now take place on 21 November 2020.  As frustrating as this is I have taken it as a positive and raised my fundraising target to £2,000.

Bare knuckle is an old tradition of the United Kingdom and a very gentlemanly sport despite the brutality of it. 

In the past I have done seven ultra marathons for veterans charities and fought in Thailand in Thai boxing. 

This is now my next event to give back and support serving soldiers, veterans and their families in the community in which I am now living and which I call home. 

Thank you for your support.