The Falklands 40th Anniversary Anglesey Commemorative Walk will take place from Saturday 11th June until Tuesday 21st June 2022.  Everyone is welcome whether for a morning, an afternoon, a day, a number of days or the whole walk - a warm welcome is assured for everyone.

The silver memorial baton inscribed with the rank, initials and surnames of the 50 Welsh Guardsmen who have given their lives in active service since 8 May 1945 will be carried and used as a focal point at each Drumhead Service, as it was during the Walk on Wales

The sterling silver baton was commissioned and generously donated by the Welsh Guards Rugby Reunion Club (WGRRC).  It was been made by Mr Warwick Fraser Gück, a sixth generation silversmith of Edward Fraser Limited of Birmingham, who has previously undertaken many commissions for the armed forces, a number of which have been presented to royalty.

The end caps are embossed with the Regimental crest and the cap rims with two Celtic crosses. The baton conceals a scroll which commemorates the eight soldiers from other regiments and Corps who were killed in action while attached to and serving with the Welsh Guards.


The walk will be broken down into the following 11 stages (and not the 13 as shown on the above diagram which is for illustration only):

Date Dedicated to the Memory of

Saturday 11 June
Moel Y Don to Beaumaris
Distance - 10.5 miles/17 km
Difficulty - Easy to Moderate
Elevation - 296m

Sgt C Elley
LSgt K Keoghane
Gdsm CC Parsons
Sgt M Wigley
Sunday 12 June
Beaumaris to Llanddona
Distance - 11 miles/18 km
Difficulty - Moderate
Elevation - 353m
Gdsm GM Griffiths 22
Gdsm P Green
Gdsm G Hughes 58
Gdsm EJ Phillips 13
Monday 13 June
Llanddona to Moelfre
Distance - 8.5 miles/14 km
Difficulty - Moderate
Elevation - 239m

Sgt P Jones
LCpl DNM Thomas 75
Gdsm P Edwards
Gdsm DN Hughes 11

Tuesday 14 June
Moelfre to Lynas/Porth Eilian
Distance - 9.5 miles/16 km
Difficulty - Strenuous
Elevation - 534m - undulating
Sgt JL Arthy
Gdsm MJ Dunphy
Gdsm A Keeble
Gdsm GK Thomas 60
Wednesday 15 June
Lynas/Porth Eilian to Cemaes Bay
Distance - 9.5 miles/16 km
Difficulty - Strenuous
Elevation - 534m - undulating
LCpl A Burke
Gdsm GD Nicholson
Gdsm MJ Marks
Gdsm NA Rowberry
Thursday 16 June
Cemaes to Church Bay, Porth Swtan
Distance - 12.5 miles/17km
Difficulty - Strenuous
Elevation - 484m
Sgt WJ Hughes
LCpl SJ Newbury
Gdsm M Gibby
Gdsm RG Thomas 82
Friday 17 June
Church Bay, Porth Swan to Holyhead
Distance - 14 miles/22 km
Difficulty - Moderate - low lying
Elevation - 235m
LCpl FC Ward
LCpl PA Sweet
Gdsm I Dale
Gdsm C Mordecai

Saturday 18 June
Holyhead to Treaddur Bay
Distance - 12 miles/19 km
Difficulty - Strenuous to Moderate
Elevation - 10m

LSgt JR Carlyle
Gdsm DR Williams 59
Gdsm A Walker 85
Gdsm B Jasper
Sunday 19 June
Trearddur Bay to Rhosneigr
Distance - 16.25 miles/26 km
Difficulty - Easy to Moderate
Elevation - 511m
LCpl CC Thomas 03
Gdsm GW Poole
Gdsm GC Grace
Gdsm JF Weaver
Monday 20 June
Rhosneigr to Newborough Forest
Distance - 13.5 miles/20 km
Difficulty - Easy - low lying
Elevation - 219m
Attached Personnel:
LCpl BC Bullers ACC
Pt AM Connett ACC
Pte MA Jones ACC
Pte RW Middlewick ACC
Cfn MW Rollins REME
LCpl AR Streatfield REME
Tuesday 21 June
Newborough Forest to Moel Y Don
Distance - 16.5 miles/27 km
Difficulty - Easy - low lying
Elevation - 322m
Dai Graham Memorial Day

A printable version of this itinerary is available to download here.

For further information and to register to join, please contact Keith Lewis on 07949 719196.

Daily Routine

0900 hrs - Rendezvous
0930 hrs - Drumhead Service
1000 hrs - Walking Starts

All walkers should bring their own food and water to last the duration of the walk.

There is some basic, limited accommodation available on a first come first served basis.

Transport to and from the walk is the responsibility of participants.