New Colours
Her Majesty presenting new Colours to the Regiment at Windsor Castle 2015

This year is an historic year in so many ways; the traditional calendar of events across the UK has been interrupted, postponed or cancelled. For us as Welsh Guardsmen the Covid-19 measures have prevented us from Trooping our Colour on Horse Guards to mark the Queen’s Official Birthday on 13th June. However, some events must be marked whatever the prevailing circumstances and we are honoured to be able to mark this very special day at Windsor Castle to pay tribute to Her Majesty. In 2015, during our Centenary year, Her Majesty presented new Colours to the Regiment at Windsor Castle.The Queen’s Colour is on parade today back in the Quadrangle.


The Welsh Guards were the last Regiment of Foot Guards to be formed in 1915 and since then we have fought in almost every major campaign the British Army has been engaged in. This includes both World Wars, Aden and Egypt in the late 40’s and 50’s as well Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Bosnia and more recently Iraq and Afghanistan.The Regiment has earned 47 battle Honours including our last, the Falklands’ Campaign in 1982. A total of 21 of those Battle Honours are borne on our Colours.


Our Regiment is almost entirely recruited from Wales which gives us a very special identity which is embedded with Welsh spirit and culture. We look to the future with confidence and are proud to be on parade today for our Colonel-in-Chief.

The entire parade is available to view on the BBC Youtube Channel:

'A Birthday Tribute to Her Majesty The Queen'.  Download the music for free here.

The special programme prepared for presentation to Her Majesty is here (click on the programme cover below):