Once again the Welsh Guards Charity is delighted to be able to provide two free tickets to each of the Wales home Six Nations matches.  This year they have been presented to the following deserving individuals:

Wales v Italy, 1st February - LSgt Davies 35 (Regimental Support Team) 


Wales v France, 22nd February - WO2 (DSgt) Heath 


Wales v Scotland, 14th March - LSgt Mottram


In addition the Welsh Guards charity was pleased to be able to arrange a special enclosure wheelchair ticket and companion ticket for Adam Hobbs (25206104) and his girlfriend to attend the Wales v Italy match on 1st February  

Adam is quadriplegic after a motorcycle accident in 2017 and due to his injuries isn’t able to get out very often.  As a huge rugby fan he was delighted to be presented with these tickets by the Regimental Veterans Officer