Today, Friday 21st February saw 22 new Welsh Guardsman march off the square at the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick after completing their recruit training.  Lieutenant General Sir George Norton KCVO CBE was full of praise for those passing out and commented on the exemplary drill displayed.

In addition, the Major General’s Section Awards went to Sections commanded by our very own LSgt Parry and LSgt Frost.

Pass Off

We welcome each and every one of you; 

Gdsm Barnett, Gdsm Boland, Gdsm Craig, Gdsm Coles, Gdsm Criddle, Gdsm Edwards 60, Gdsm Greenaway, Gdsm Griffiths 06, Gdsm Heffernan, Gdsm Herbert, Gdsm Johnson, Gdsm Jones 90, Gdsm Miles, Gdsm Moore 97, Gdsm Phillips 76, Gdsm Qumivudia, Gdsm Rokovada, Gdsm Scott, Gdsm Stringfellow, Gdsm Williams 93.

and of course our two first females; Gdsm Morgan 35 and Gdsm Williams 64 who make history today by becoming the first ever female Welsh Guardsmen - congratulations to you both.

We wish you all the very best of luck in your careers and welcome you to the Welsh Guards family.

Pass Off


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