Once again, games at the Principality Stadium have been affected by COVID-19 restrictions and until Autumn 2021 the Welsh Guards Charity has been unable to provide tickets for any games taking place.  In response to the pandemic, the WRU have stopped issuing physical tickets and in future all tickets will be issued via their brand-new Principality Stadium ticketing app.


Digital ticketing will not only speed up the amount of time it takes to enter the stadium in future it also reduces the risk of any viral transmission by reducing the handling of physical tickets to get you to your seat.

Each ticket purchased will sit ‘inside’ the Principality Stadium ticketing app with the ability to be digitally transferred, again reducing the amount of physical handling of tickets.

Digital ticketing will also allow the WRU to effectively comply with any track and trace procedures in place as part of the Governments strategy against COVID-19.

The Principality Stadium Ticketing App is available to download at the following links:

Android - available on google play here

IPhone (iOS) - available at the apple store here.

Click on the following guide for full instructions on using the revised procedure:


The Welsh Guards Charity is delighted to be able to provide two tickets for each of the following games, to be held in the Principality Stadium, to deserving individuals within the Battalion as selected by the Commanding Officer:

Date of Match Opponents

Tickets Allocated to

30 Oct 21 Wales v New Zealand 

LSgt Sandison

LCpl Todd

6 Nov 21

Wales v South Africa


LCpl Waqanisaravi

Gdsm Korosaya

14 Nov 21 Wales v Fiji

SSgt Nukutabu

Gdsm Heffernan

20 Nov 21 Wales v Australia

Sgt Shapland

Gdsm Hathway

12 Feb 22 Wales v Scotland

Gdsm Perring

Gdsm Roberts 28

11 Mar 22 Wales v France

Gdsm Gurung

Gdsm Weldon

19 Mar 21 Wales v Italy

Gdsm Gallier

Gdsm Hughes 21