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2008 Recording by the Band of the Welsh Guards by kind permission of the Director of Music Major D W Cresswell BBCM psm with Leslie Statham (aka Arnold Steck) who was one of the most gifted composers British military music has ever seen. As well as being a superb composer of military music, he became one of the country’s leading composers of light music. 

This recording was inspired by military music enthusiast Alan Hardwick, whose dream it was. The dream was then taken up with great enthusiasm by Major David Cresswell, directing his band, the Band of the Welsh Guards. 

As well as some really well known music, this CD also contains a wealth of ‘newly discovered gems’. A must for lovers of light music and military band music alike.

Track listing:

1. March: The Guardsman

2. March: The Royal Event

3. Theme from ‘A King’s Story’

4. March: Royal Standard

5. Dusky Aristocrat

6. March: Proud Capital

7-9. Suite: Happy Days

10. March: Birdcage Walk

11. Sugar Melon

12. March: National Unity

13. March: Sporting Occasion

14. March: Drum Majorette

15. Broadacres

16. March: Piccadilly

17. March: Sports Special

18. March: Freedom Of The City

19. Little Runabout

20. March: Royal Review

21. Skeleton In The Cupboard

22. March: Heroes’ Return

23. Morning Canter

24. March: Men Of Harlech




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