The Welsh Guards Charity

The Welsh Guards Charity exists to support the Regiment, the Battalion and Welsh Guardsman of all ranks, both serving soldiers and retired veterans, and their families.

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Our Impact

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WelfareGrants in excess of £189,000 to the Battalion and for wider Regimental Espirit de Corps activities
Benevolence£4,000 paid to fund the re-training of a young Guardsman injured in Afghanistan
Veterans & HeritageGrants to those South Atlantic Medal holders wishing to return to the Falkland Islands
Regimental Veterans OfficerFunded entirely by the Welsh Guards Charity to ensure that Welsh Guardsmen have someone to turn to.
Part of our remit is to advance education about the history, deeds and traditions of the Welsh Guards
Case Study

A large grant was paid equally with 3 other Service Charities to medically evacuate a young Welsh Guards Veteran stranded in Thailand after a very serious motorcycle accident. No other alternative means of evacuation could be found by his family and his condition was life threatening. The photo shows the RVO with Adam Hobbs 9 months later.