It’s as straightforward as including a simple sentence in your will or adding a codicil.

In most cases, the first priority of members of the Regimental Family will be to look after close relatives and friends.  However, many people also leave gifts to charities, also known as legacies in their wills.

The Welsh Guards Charity can accept legacies in each of the 3 different ways below:

A fixed sum of money (Pecuniary) – This is the simplest option

A percentage of the net value of your estate (Residuary) – A residuary legacy means you can leave a set proportion of your estate to the Regiment after all the other beneficiaries are taken care of.

Individual Possessions – (Specific) – This could be typically land, property or shares.

If you are not sure which kind of legacy you might like to leave to the Regiment, please talk to your solicitor who will be able to advise you further.  Alternatively, contact Regimental Headquarters.

If you have already made a will but now want to leave a legacy to the Regiment, you can make an addition or change it without rewriting your current will.  This addition is called a codicil and wither we or your solicitor can provide you with a form of words.

Tax Benefits

If you leave a legacy to the Regiment, its value will be deducted from the estate before inheritance tax (IHT) is worked out.  In some cases, leaving a legacy may help bring the total value of your estate below the taxable threshold. 

The Regiment is very proud of its tradition of taking care of the extended Regimental Family.  The two world wars of the last century made great demands on the Regimental charitable funds and the operational deployments since, most recently in Afghanistan, has exacerbated the situation.  The future, as always, is uncertain and the need to care for the welfare of members of the Regiment and their families will remain as important as ever.

Beneficiary Details

Welsh Guards Charity – Registered Charity Number 1152766

Regimental Headquarters Welsh Guards

Wellington Barracks

Birdcage Walk



Telephone – 0300 160 8516

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