This is a role solely funded by the Welsh Guards Charity to support all Veterans of the Welsh Guards, their Dependents and Bereaved families. When the post was established, it was Initially called the Regimental Casualties Officer, however when the Battalion was no longer on operational tours and the number of casualties stabilised, it was decided to change the title as the role had changed and is now more about the welfare and ongoing care of all veterans. Jiffy Myers MBE has been employed in this role since February 2014.

The RVO conducts home visits to Veterans in need, bereaved family members, hospitalised Veterans, Veterans in retirement homes and serving Soldiers. Some visits are just a friendly chat but others are for referring individuals for specialist treatment or support.  He also processes all requests for assistance, refers individuals for specialist medical treatment and deals with all welfare grants. He represents Veterans in various working groups and Local Authority meetings so that their concerns and needs are addressed.

He has assisted Welsh Guardsmen find accommodation, employment opportunities, funding for courses, specialist medical treatment, grants for essential items and provides a listening ear for those who just want a chat. Some Soldiers that leave the Regiment can find life outside of the Army hard to adapt to and some may suffer with mental health problems relating to their service. The Role of the RVO is to support those individuals.

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