The Welsh Guards Charity was contacted through the Confederation of Services Charities (COBSEO) on Friday 10th July with a routine welfare grant application.  After checking through the case, a grant of £500.00 was agreed to assist with the purchase of household items for one of our Veterans, who had struggled for a number of years and had served some time in prison. 

We pride ourselves on how fast we can react to a Welsh Guardsman in need and within an hour of the grant being paid by online bank transfer to SSAFA, our RVO received a telephone call from the Veteran, thanking us for our support.  He also sent an email requesting that we publish it on our website.  This is his message: 

Without the help from the amazing ex forces charities especially the Welsh Guards Charity I wouldn't know how to apply for funding for the benefits I'm entitled too.  I moved into a house given to me by the council signed a piece of paper and was left with an empty building and a set of keys. Thanks to other organisations but most of all the Welsh Guards Charity helping me. 

From application to receiving support = just one day