The diversity of opportunity available to Welsh Guardsmen thanks to the generosity of all those who support the Welsh Guards Charity is endless.

by WO2 (CSM) D Lewis 29

Company Sergeant Major

Number Three Company

On 30 August 2017 3 members of the Battalion Carp Fishing Team made the trip to the Farlows Complex, which is near to Hounslow where the Battalion was based until late 2014.

WO2 (CSM) Lewis 29, Sgt Pearce and LSgt Shapland were all hopeful of catching and determined to ensure success while other team members were committed to Op TORAL training.

After arriving at the complex and spending far too much money in the tackle shop, we decided to have a walk around the lake and have a chat to a few people who had been fishing the lake on the previous day. It soon became obvious that it was not going to be as easy as the team had originally thought. Discussion started: had we chosen the best venue and given ourselves the best chance of having a few fish between us?


We chose to fish next to each other so we could have a catch up. Sgt Pearce had not long re-joined the Battalion after leaving to become a teacher. We discussed at great length how difficult it was for him to settle and make enough money as a civilian to support his family. He also hinted at how much he had missed the blokes and the opportunities that the Battalion had given him in the past to take part and compete in a sport that he really enjoys.


Our 48 hour session was paid for from Trustee funding and we are most grateful. Everyone finally managed to catch but LSgt Shapland stole the show after catching one of the biggest fish in the lake.