The Battalion was delighted that CSgt Bick and Sgt Morgan had been selected for presentation of the Drapers award for 2021 - two particularly deserving individuals. 

CSgt Doug Bick and Sgt Chris Morgan receiving their awards at the Drapers Hall, London

CSgt Bick has gone above and beyond since taking over as the Welfare CSgt.  His effort and commitment to the role has been exceptional and he has embraced every opportunity to improve the life of each and every service person, spouse and family member.  He worked tirelessly to ensure that the Battalion’s departure from Pirbright was memorable. In particular, his pragmatic and efficient approach to organisation has ensured the delivery of countless welfare events for families.  He continued to support the team as the Battalion moved to Windsor, providing a smooth transition and settling in period to our new home.

CSgt Bick’s loyalty, diligence, and truly selfless commitment enables the Battalion to function.  Without him, the Battalion would struggle; the moral component of our fighting power is fundamentally linked to the welfare of our soldiers and their families. He is therefore deserving of the Drapers’ Medal.

Sgt Morgan is the Social Media Content Manager for the Welsh Guards. Having served with the Battalion for 20 years he is a key asset and is largely responsible for a complete overhaul and increase in quality of its social media presence and is worthy of recognition for this achievement.

The Welsh Guards social media success has taken the form of a substantial increase in followers and engagement across all its social media channels. Page Impressions – the number of times any content from a Welsh Guards platform has entered a person’s screen – have increased from 1.2 million to 4.3 million (258% increase) for Facebook and 1.1 million to 3.1 million (182% increase) for Instagram over the course of Sgt Morgan’s tenure. This achievement is invaluable in itself, but it takes on particular significance in the context of the recruiting challenges that the Battalion has faced in recent years. 

Sgt Morgan has been the right person for the job when the Battalion most needed to engage and attract potential joiners.