Thursday 11th April 2019 saw the Welsh Guards Boxing night take place and for the first time it was viewable, live on the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards Facebook page, but not to worry if you missed it, as it can be viewed here also:


Of course, as a family Regiment, this night like any other Regimental event had family members present, with Sergeant Hughes 35 and his brother Guardsman Hughes 61 in attendance, alongside Sergeant Smith 18 watching his son Guardsman Smith 85 fight in a bout.

L-R: Guardsman Hughes 61, Sergeant Hughes 35, Sergeant Smith 18 and Guards Smith 85

Of course the boxers require a high degree of fitness and preparation before they can contemplate stepping into the ring and the video below demonstrates their determination and the additional training they put themselves through to ensure they are correctly prepared, with every member of the team working incredibly hard to ensure they are fighting fit.